from the message bringer & storyteller

between sky and earth
i sing the song to the sea
in search of depth and meaning
found a place were i belong and came from
yet this place is not from this world and i have come to understand why so few of us remain
so true to the ones we are
while living in this world
only a brave heart is allowed to walk beside me
only an honest soul is allowed to love me
i call to you, my one and only
finally… you say
finally… you are ready

– juneshelen

this feels different..this intuitive singing..what a world..what a place..what a language..the words have no meaning here, just a pure intuitive feeling. an honest feeling of non misinterpretation. where one does not hide behind the words of a known language, but flows freely in the freedom of self expression.
it means more, than I could ever explain

8th of january 2018

What do you see?
I see you.

a poem I wrote, while being in the heart of its world

-The Forest Walk-

deep in the forest
the wind moves
through the tree crowns
who brings to me
the ringing sound
of the roots beneath?
who brings to me
the deeps of
the drumming stones
that grow silently?
gentle giants
let me pass
through the dark forest
that is your heart
the bonds of the past
the wind will cut
and free we shall be
to love thee
gentle giants
let me rest
let me watch
your grace of heart
what might be
the trees
are telling me
you will see
no more you shall wander
when wonder
you will see
infront of thee

– JUNEsHELEN (poem)

What do you fear?
The silent destruction of silence.