Music – Fly me to Pandora – Behind the story


Chapters – Part two

The story behind Fly me to Pandora

Some things happen on their own. They evolved, while we were busy doing other things and became something which we weren’t expecting. That is how Chapters began. I didn’t know where it will take me, I only felt this everlasting presence of force and the persistence of my spirit, that I needed to be doing this. And so I did. In retrospect of the last two years, I finally see and understand why.

I have created a different approach to my work and the release of the album, that will happen soon. Because of my deep love and respect towards art and music, I no longer wished to only make songs and release them and then repeat the process. It wasn’t enough, for I felt there was so much that remained untold and what a shame that was. For music is so much more then we happen to believe. I had to learn this for myself. I created music, but I wasn’t aware of the meaning and the story it carried as a whole.

I want you to imagine, that when you go to a museum or a gallery to visit a certain exhibition, you receive a catalog of the exhibition, explaining to you, the meaning of the art works, the message and the idea behind them, what is it about, when was it made etc. I will use a similar approach, just that you will not have to go to a museum to experience it.

I am creating as we speak a sound book (catalog) of Fly me to Pandora and it talks about the story and the meaning behind it. As I said once before, I genuinely believe, that songs are like portals, gateways, taking us to another dimension and in this imaginative space, I have created my world of Pandora.

So somehow in my situation a story was being born on its own. The songs fell into their place as chapters of a book. Every song has a meaning and it takes you on a journey through 8 stories, which will be revealed one by one. What follows are 8 introductions of the story they are telling.

The way I sing in the introductions is different. The song has no title, no words only a melody. I feel very close to my inner self while singing in this way.

After the introductions the album will be released and the songs will finally be revealed. And in the end the final message of Fly me to Pandora will be clear.

Personally I feel very happy and satisfied doing this in such a way and taking my time to create, to explain, to build, talk and explore the world of Pandora. It is a new approach to the way I want to work in the future and slow down the world by taking more time exploring a little further, the world of art.

Thankfully art is a very free form of expression, so everyone is encouraged to make their own stories out of it.
For me, they carry my imaginative stories and exist in my imaginative queendom. For you, it will be yours.